Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E portfolio

The article began by stating what a portfolio is. It states that a portfolio is basically a collection of work. For example a model has a portfolio of pictures that shows how well they photograph and the kind of work that they have done. Portfolios where then used in education starting in the 1990's. A description of a portfolio in education is hard to give because there are many way that a portfolio is used. For example there is a student centered portfolio that is created based one who the students plans to present the portfolio to. It states that the portfolio is created based upon the style that the instructor/ tutor chooses but the student is given plenty of room to construct the portfolio in their own way. The instructor/ tutor just give guidance in this process. The article then proceeds to give other characteristics of a portfolio such as competence-oriented, action and reflection, and multimedia-oriented. This article even touch on portfolios in different area such as teacher education. It states the purpose of a portfolios in teacher education is to use it as an evaluation tool. It tells where that teacher is as far as the competency standards and if he/she has mastered that standard or not. After looking at all the different kinds of portfolios the article ended by discussing e-portfolios it stated that they started experimenting with them in the year of 2003 because they were planning for the future.

After reading the article and watching this video it further more explain an eportfolio to me. Because honestly all of this time I was wondering what is the purpose of it. But based on the video we use them to organize things such as our wikis, blog, and ect.Then we use the portfolio to basically show what we can do. It shows a range of digitial evidence of what has been learned. I show whom ever what you know through things such as pictures, google docs, videos, and pod casts. All of these things can be included in your eportfolio.To me an eportfolio tells a story of our actual learning.

Thought Provoking Question
Why would you use and eportfolio instead of a regular hard copy portfolio?

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