Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Assistive technology

The article that I chose to read was Enabling and Accessing web 2.0. It was first describes what web 2.0 is. The web has evolved over time it was once web 1.0 which is when people only used it as a resource to get more details on a topic. But now that it has evolve people use it for way more than just a resource. The web is now more interactive than it has ever been. According to this article the web has opened up so many opportunities to people with disabilities in which they use it for employment as well as entertainment. Which is far better than what the web used to be
because web 1.0 was not as accessible as 2.0. The government has pushed companies to make if accessible to people with disabilities and that is what they did and are still doing. The same way web 1.0 need work to become accessible web 2.0 isn't perfect either.There is still work to be done on web 2.0 to make it more accessible.

What kind of assistive technonlgy can be use for a student that is blind and the system nor the family can really afford the highest quality technology?

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